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Battery Repair and Replacement

Minneapolis Battery Repair

Your car won't start. The battery is so dead that the dome light barely makes enough light to help you find the key slot, not that turning the key does anything more than a click under the hood. Usually, a dead battery wouldn't be that big of a deal, right? Except your car is parked in an airport parking lot, it's snowing, and your smartphone is dead. It's going to be a long, cold walk back to a pay phone to call a tow truck for a jump. All is fine; until the next morning when it happens all over again. A  quick jump from your battery charger gets your engine running, and a voltage test confirms that your alternator is charging. Further investigation doesn't uncover an obvious electrical issue. After charging the battery overnight, the car starts fine. But when left overnight without the charger, the car refuses to start. Conclusion: Something's wrong with the battery. Don't get trapped in this cycle; at Green Garage, we can test your battery and replace it all in one day so you won't have to go through that scenario for a very long time.


We are a locally owned auto repair shop, consisting of professional and dedicated specialists.