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Cooling System & Radiator

Cooling System & Radiator Services in Minneapolis

Your vehicle's cooling system makes sure that your engine doesn't overheat, no matter how long you've been driving. But if your radiator or any other part of your cooling system begins to malfunction, it can result in serious engine problems. If your engine has been running too hot recently when you drive in the Minneapolis area, you should have your cooling system inspected and repaired at Nelson's Automotive.

Common Issues With Radiator

When your car starts overheating when driven or you notice coolant leaking from your radiator, you need repairs for your automobile's cooling system. Several factors can inhibit the performance of your radiator, including:

  • Debris build-up
  • Hoses leaking
  • Radiator rusting
  • Thermostat malfunction
  • Water pump failure

When your cooling system isn't performing as intended, your vehicle might wind up stalled on the side of the road with an overheated engine. Before this happens, make sure to set up a radiator repair appointment with trusted mechanics in Minneapolis.

The Best Radiator Repair Crew in Minneapolis

Driving a car with a faulty cooling system will inevitably lead to engine overheating. Call Nelson's Automotive today for the most reliable radiator and cooling system repair services in the Minneapolis area!


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